Cardarine for Women: Is it Safe to Take?

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Cardarine for Women

Results from Cardarine

GW 501516, also known as Cardarine, is a PPAR agonist known for its incredible fat-burning abilities.

But is it safe for women to use Cardarine? That’s what this article will be covering today.

What is Cardarine?

Cardarine, although a PPAR agonist, is usually categorized with SARMs. Known as the ultimate endurance and weight loss compound, Cardarine, known as GW 501516, is a chemical currently being researched by scientists in labs all across the currently for its fat-burning components and has potential applications for patients suffering from obesity and thyroid conditions.

Because of this, many bodybuilders have taken interest in Cardarine, including women. Also, unlike steroids and prohormones, Cardarine does not negatively affect internal organs and is much safer to consume. Steroids and prohormones are known to harm female menstrual cycles and, thus, their ability to give birth, while PPAR agonists such as Cardarine are well tolerated by females.

Cardarine: A Better Alternative for Women

So, in short…YES, Cardarine for women is a phenomenal choice and carries much fewer side effects than any other compound. Also, because SARMs and PPAR agonists don’t increase testosterone levels like most anabolic steroids, it is a highly popular go-to for women and a great alternative to compounds like Anavar.

The reason why it’s so popular is that instead of building huge muscles as most SARMs do, it has more of an effect on metabolic properties such as fat burning, better endurance, and faster recovery time.

Cardarine uses can see effects such as increased energy levels, and, as a result, females are capable of working for hours in the gym without feeling tired and exhausted. Cardarine will work great for women that want to tone up their bodies and burn fat, but don’t want to gain masculine features.

Reviews from Women

When writing this article, it was important for us to find women who were using Cardarine to hear from them how it’s benefited them, what kind of side effects they experienced, and how it effects women specifically.

Here is a video that caught our attention:

Cardarine Dosage Suggestions for Women

The best thing to do is to start with low dosages, and gradually increase the intake. First, make sure this SARM is suitable for you. Carefully observe the changes that your body undergoes, and if you see any negative side effects than it is not recommended to continue with the SARM.

It’s extremely important to take precautions when using Cardarine as a supplement. Cardarine is considered safe and non-toxic, but each person is different, and you can never be sure how your body will react to something new.

Cardarine, like any other SARM, is taken in cycles. Each cycle shouldn’t last more than 6 weeks, and it is best, to begin with, 10mg of Cardarine to see how your body reacts. Typically women should keep their cycles a bit shorter than men when it comes to Cardarine, just because of potential side effects.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Where to Buy Cardarine

It’s important to find a SARM supplement shop that has a good reputation and would sell you only well-packed SARMS of good quality. We recommend using to purchase Cardarine for women or any other SARM for your body. They have a wide selection of modulators, safe and secure packages, and they offer worldwide shipping services.

Do not hesitate, as Cardarine is the best modulator for women, and that’s a fact. Make the process of losing weight and fat easy and enjoyable, and purchase supplements only from trusted and well-known companies, such as Powersupps.

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