Glucose Disposal Agent Review Dramatically Lowers Your Blood Sugar

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When we consume carbohydrates, they get stored in our body as glucose and end up either in our muscle cells or in our fat cells. The hormone Insulin is the one responsible for carrying the glucose to its destination on such cells and the product we are looking at today is designed to help optimize this process.

The Glucose Disposal Agent by 1st Phorm is a product designed specifically to decrease the amount of Insulin secreted by our body, which in turn helps optimize the insulin receptors and thus decreases our fat gains and increases the muscle gains.

While the process itself is not that simple, suffice to say this product is meant to allow you to eat more carbs and not gain as much fat as you normally would, which is always a win. If you are interested in working around the system and eating carbs without gaining so much fat, keep reading and let’s find out what a Glucose Disposal Agent really is.

What’s In It?

1st Phorm provides a very detailed label with all the ingredients and doses of each listed out. The product itself contains 7 different ingredients all meant to help optimize your insulin secretion and glucose storage.

Banaba Extract: Often used in glucose disposal agents, Banaba Extract is rich in corosolic acid which helps the Glucose transport in our body.

Cinnamon Bark Extract: Contains a compound called MHCP which mimics the hormone Insulin and works in relation to this hormone.

Chromium: A co-factor to Insulin, Chromium helps you secrete less of the hormone, making you more sensitive to Insulin and helping you better store Glucose.

R-ALA: Another powerful Insulin mimicking compound, R-ALA helps carry nutrients to muscle cells, again meaning more of your Glucose will end up in the muscle tissue.

Vanadyl Sulfate: Clears blood sugar in a similar way to Insulin and is another Insulin mimicking agent.

Here is the complete supplement label by 1st Phorm detailing all the ingredients and their doses:

Does It Work?

Glucose disposal agents, in general, have been a well-known and widely used trick among bodybuilders and athletes of all sorts when trying to lose fat and keep a lean physique and 1st Phorm really seems to have hit the sweet spot with this particular blend.

According to some professional reviews, this Glucose Disposal Agent dramatically decreases the amount of blood sugar within an hour of consuming a carb-rich meal, which is very important and a great suggestion of just how effective the product is.

While the product is still relatively new to the market, it absolutely resonates with success, as do most 1st Phorm products. The Glucose Disposal Agent is one of those products you will want to try and add to your diet in order to keep a lean and shapely figure.

How Do I Take It?

Take two capsules of Glucose Disposal Agent with your carb-rich meals of choice. You can’t really take too much GDA but taking it with your post-workout meal will probably not be needed as your insulin sensitivity should be great at that time. The best time to take it is with meals rich in carbs that are not near your workouts such as breakfast or dinner.


Here is what a few of the people who have tried 1st Phorm’s Glucose Disposal Agent had to say about this product:

I am extremely impressed with the combo of ingredients in this supplement. I think it’s great for anyone who wants to limit insulin secretion, keep blood sugar levels down and more optimal, or even just live a healthier lifestyle.

This stuff works for sure, after using it for a while I can notice serious progress… I am burning more fat and looking leaner overall, would highly recommend.

Final Verdict

If you are looking to keep your blood sugar levels at a reasonable level, lose some fat and shape up your body, Glucose Disposal Agent by 1st Phorm is the kind of product you were looking for. With a powerful blend of ingredients designed to increase your insulin sensitivity and improve the glucose transport in your body, this GDA may very well be the best product of its sort on the market.

Someone might say that we always talk big of the 1st Phorm products but the fact is the company continually brings us products worth the praise and Glucose Disposal Agent is, by all means, another powerful formula everyone should try adding to their supplement regimen for a while and experiencing the results for themselves.

If you do try this Glucose Disposal Agent, let us know what it did for you in the comments section as we greatly appreciate the feedback from our users.

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