What is SR9009: Stenabolic?

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Do you want to lose body fat with minimal or no exercise? Do you want to increase your muscle mass? Do you want to increase your endurance during training? If your answer is yes, then this drug is for you. This Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator, SARM for short, called SR9009 is making quite a buzz in the athletic world. Touted as ‘exercise in a bottle’—weight loss without exercise is quite enticing.

Research scientists from the Florida campus of The Scripps Research Institute headed by Professor Thomas Burris, developed SR9009, also known as Stenabolic. Based on their research, this drug is a Rev-ErbA agonist. The compounds work by binding to one of the body’s natural molecules called Rev-erbα, promoting both the creation of new mitochondria (the “power plants” of the cell) and the clearance of those defective mitochondria. In turn, this increases the metabolism of fat and glucose in the body, greater endurance and increase in strength. In another study done by scientists at the Institut Pasteur de Lille in France, mice lacking Rev-erbα had decreased skeletal muscle metabolic activity and running capacity.

Burris’ research showed that Stenabolic supplementation activated Rev-erbα  which led to a 50% increased metabolic activity in skeletal muscle, even when exercise was restricted. The animals in the study developed muscles just like an athlete who had been training, even though they were quite sedentary. The Stenabolic supplementation also caused resting metabolic rate to increase in the absence of exercise. Studies in mice given with SR9009 had a 50 percent improvement in running capacity, measured by both time and distance.

These research findings could lead to new approaches to helping people with conditions that acutely limit exercise tolerance. It can also help older people who have reduced muscle bulk and power associated with aging.

What are the benefits of Stenabolic?

These benefits have been observed in both initial studies and user-reported reviews.

1) SR9009 increases weight loss

Over a 30-day study, mice given with SR9009 had increased muscle and metabolic rate, even when they weren’t allowed to exercise. Due to this increase in muscle activity, SR9009 helped the body burn more calories.

2. SR9009 increases stamina and endurance

In another study, mice that were treated with Stenabolic for 30 days and were allowed to exercise, showed a 50% increase in endurance compared to those who were not treated .

3. SR9009 may lower blood cholesterol

Mice treated with SR9009 for 7-10 days showed reduced blood levels of triglycerides and total cholesterol. Another study showed that mice treated with SR9009, showed a significant decrease in total cholesterol, triglycerides, and LDL cholesterol.

4. SR9009 indicates a decrease in inflammation

Stimulation of Rev-Erbα activity by SR9009 was shown to greatly diminish ventilator-induced lung edema and inflammatory cells in rats.

5. SR9009 may increase wakefulness

Rev-Erbα affects the circadian rhythm, so when SR9009 was injected into mice it affected the wakefulness of mice, suggesting that Stenabolic may be useful for sleep-related disorders such as narcolepsy or shift workers.

6. SR9009 may reduce heart disease

Mice with surgically-induced heart growth (hypertrophy) showed a reduction in heart size and weight without affecting their blood pressure after two weeks of treatment with SR9009.

7. SR9009 may effectively reduce anxiety

Mice injected with SR9009 twice per day for 3 to 10 days showed decreased anxiety-like behavior.

            Since Stenabolic is a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARM), it is comparatively safe, does not affect natural testosterone production and has fewer side effects. It is also nontoxic for the liver. Stenabolic is fat soluble so it is best taken with food. However, there are no clinical studies yet on the ideal dose and frequency for humans. Due to the short half-life of SR9009, it is recommended to spread the dose across 3-4 times per day.

            Most of the clinical trials regarding Stenabolic were done on mice and so far has shown promising, good results on its effectivity. However, as there have not been any human clinical trials, we still don’t know long-term indications or side effects of taking SR9009. But so far, based on studies and user reviews, if you’re looking for increased endurance, stamina, fat loss and strength, SR9009 or Stenabolic is a great choice among SARMs.

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